Commando Movie poster


Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two and Half Stars)

Star cast: Vidyut Jamwal, Pooja Chopra, Jaideep Ahlawat

Director: Dilip Ghosh

What’s Good: Vidyut Jamwal – What a body he has! for a moment he reminds me of Sylvester Stallone. Some good action scenes

What’s Bad: Songs not fitting the plot. Why do a bollywood movie always should have songs? huh- that how it is anyway!. Pooja Chopra not matching up with Vidyut Jamwal

Loo break: Go for a break during all songs in the movie.

Watch or Not?: One time Watch.

Paisa Wasool? If you like action then yes! If you don’t like action then don’t bother watching the movie.


Jamwal plays an Indian army commando who breaks free from beyond the China border after capture and much third degree torture. His one aim now is to ‘clean up the dirt within’. In other words, the guys who make it impossible for the good guys in the armed forces function — politicians, and goons who want to become politicians. Fortunately for him, and us, Jamwal doesn’t get too much speaking time. Having said what he has to, he gets down the real business of decimating the bad guys, one by one.

Commando Karanveer Dogra comes to the rescue of damsel in distress Simrit (Chopra) who is on the run from the evil, cruel AK (Ahlawat). This AK is quite a piece of work. He is constantly on his phone, guffawing at Santa-Banta jokes, snarling at the cowering good folks of the Punjab village he lives in, and leering at the spirited Simrit. If Jamwal is just right for his part, Ahlawat who left a sizeable impact in Gangs Of Wasseypur and who has been biding his time in bit parts till now, carves out a lovely old-style Bollywood villain, all costume and bluster and grinning menace.

Commando is definitely a One Man Army, all the way. The man here in question is Vidyut Jamwal. Jamwal, who looted all hearts with full Force some one and half years ago brings back his voluminous talents to the fore, giving away one of the best action performances in this decade. From climbing roofs to walk-past-sliding-car-windows, this B-town hunk made it look like a cakewalk, but with a lot more flourish and conviction! Clearly the new Khiladi that Bollywood has been gifted with; Vidyut manages to bamboozle the audience with every action set-piece, clearly sculpted out for him. And with that amazingly sculpted hot-bod, this action superman is here to stay. Pooja Chopra delivers an okayish performance with nothing much to highlight about as she painfully tries the echo the lines from Kareena’s Jab We Met in typical aped-Geet avatar. Expectedly, she fails miserably. Jaideep Ahlawat as the menacing AK stuns the audience with an enthralling villainous act, sans his eyeballs. And his sudden outbreak into Santa-Banta chut-kule mode adds to the hilarious content of the film, too!



Nautanki Saala

nautanki saala

Rating: 3/5 stars (Three-Stars)

Star cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Pooja Salvi, Gaelyn Mendonca, Evelyn Sharma

Director: Rohan Sippy

What’s Good: some really good comedy scenes, theater set up.

What’s Bad: obvious comedy dialogues, PJs

Loo break: A couple in the second half.

Watch or Not?: One time WatchIf you are bored with regular comedy movies then you can avoid this movie.

Paisa Wasool? If you are bored with stereo type comedy movies then better spend the money getting some good ice cream in the HOT summer!!!

Mandar Lele (Kunaal Roy Kapur) is a bumbling idiot – abandoned by the love of his life, declared a ‘loser’ by his grandmother with nothing more than a few failed suicide attempts to boast of. The thing is even to play a successful dimwit, you need some kind of character – imagine Govinda in ‘Partner’. Kunal Roy Kapur is regrettably inept at playing this role with either style or zest.

Ram Parmar aka RP (Ayushmann Khurrana), the protagonist is a compulsive do-gooder who is the director and the main lead in the play ‘Raavan Leela’. Except the scene in which Mandar on RP’s insistence is auditioning for Ram’s role (in Raavan Leela), every time I see the onstage drama and the playacting, I think of the squandered opportunity. There was so much potential in these scenes, some witty writing could have completely turned around the narrative and made it a laughter riot. I cannot help but think of the Mahabharata scene from ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro’, which 30 years later, still continues to have the audience in splits even on repeated viewing.

The romantic track is the weakest in the film and an overdose of emotional drama just saps the fun out of the story. Also, the female leads are really disappointing and it’s just difficult to comprehend why someone as sorted and good-looking as Ayushmann would fall for either of them. Ayushmann however, puts his heart and soul into this totally average film and makes it watchable.

It’s a simple story, where our hero tries his best to resolve not only the crisis in his half-witted friend’s life but also give him new purpose and objective. But as usual love plays spoilsport jeopardizing their friendship. However, in Bollywood, love always finds a way to triumph and set everything right. I just hope that the ride would have been more enjoyable.

There are moments of genuine laughter but this fleeting gratification demands extensive wait and endurance.  Sippy punctuates his scenes with too many pauses resulting in a dawdling pace and delayed conflicts, which makes its 130 minutes running time lengthier than it should.

Watch-> Trailer , Mera Man Kehne laga song

Aatma review



Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two-and-half-Star)

Star cast: Bipasha Basu, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Doyel Dhawan, Shernaz Patel, Jaideep Ahlawat

Director: Suparn Verma

What’s Good: Underrated actor of 2012 Nawazuddin’s acting, some scary scenes.

What’s Bad: The unnatural reactions, Undue dramatizing during vital scenes

Loo break: If you get scared, and then it’s recommended

Watch or Not?: For those who like thrillers, like Indian scary movies and enjoy fear no matter what. We categorize it as One time Watch  movie

Suparn Verma’a Aatma, a horror film about an overbearing father who comes back from the dead to claim ownership of his only daughter from his estranged wife, comes across as an attempt to bring some credibility to the genre

Maya (Bipasha Basu) is a single mother, just divorced from her abusive husband Abhay (Nawazuddin Siddique). Abhay dies in an accident and his ghost is haunting Maya because he wants his daughter Nia (Doyel Dhawan) back. What follows is a very obvious series of events where anyone who offends the daughter meets a gruesome end. Maya has to battle with not only the cruel intentions of her dead husband but she also has to fight for her daughter’s life.

Horror is a difficult genre to get right but we can’t expect special effects to compensate for the lack of a good script. The story progresses with very little thought to character development, actors are introduced so that they can conveniently be disposed off. The film is frustrating in parts because there’s a psychiatrist, there’s a priest, there’s a police officer but none of them can do anything substantial to help Maya in her ordeal. You know every possible victim and each murder sequence plays out without any suspense or build-up to the crime.

Bipasha and Nawazuddin put in an honest effort but are saddled with sad dialogue and a script that’s difficult to rise above. Bipasha tries, with all her might, to deliver a restrained performance with little success. Nawaz, however, owns all the scenes he is in. The custody hearing scene stands out because of his very real and ominous outburst. Moreover, everything pretty much blends in the background when Nawaz holds court, which is not to say that his is a flawless performance.



Rangrezz review


Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two and half Star)

Star cast: Jackky Bhagnani, Priya Anand, Amitosh Nagpal, Vijay Verma, Raghav Chanana, Rajpal Yadav

Director: Priyadarshan

What’s Good: Director’s(Priyadarshan) idea before the movie is released!!!

What’s Bad: The pitiable dialogue delivery, effortless dubbing at times and the repetitive thrills throughout. The acting part is understood.

Loo break: Kabhi bhi

Watch or Not?: The movie is good for those who do not believe in love or lost trust at it. But pity acting and sloppy story telling makes it a One time Watch  movie.

Rishi (Jackky), Vinu (Amitosh) and Pakya (Vijay) are three friends living the simple ordinary life. The protagonist believes in living a moralistic life and championing the right cause, then there is the simpleton who wants to set up a computer center and earn a decent living while the third is a typical tapori with the best one liners and providing comic relief.If these characters seem prototype then wait till you are introduced to the premise. When  langoti yaar of these 3 friends Joy (Raghav) tries to commit suicide over matters of the heart, the trio jump into action deciding they will put their lives on the line to unite the lovers. Having successful careers can wait, cause nothing is more exciting than some car chases, kidnapping drama and heart wrenching monologues about friendship and sacrifice.

The rage and passion of betrayal are astutely captured in the narration. Priyadarshan takes the original Tamil film Naadodigal and twists it into a coiled engrossing saga of how lust can often be a convenient pretext for love. The film poses some disturbing questions on the lack of genuine commitment in today’s relationships. What we love is just hormones and chemical at work? In an urgent rush of energy and adrenaline,Rangrezz poses this question.

Priyadarshan spins a mean story told with a flair for violent flare-ups that are shot with gumption and gusto. It’s a film with a number of advantages, the performances topping the list.

While Amitosh Nagpal, Vijay Verma and the redoubtable Rajpal Yadav as the protagonist’s buddies in arms are first-rate, Jackky Bhagnani as the boy next door, who doesn’t think twice before plunging viciously into a friend’s love problem, gives a quietly self-assured performance. His character Rishi hardly sings and dances. But you know he can. You can sense the rhythm simmering under the surface of discontent.

Mere Dad Ki Maruti Review

Mere Dad Ki Maruti

Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two and Half Star)

Star cast: Ram Kapoor, Saqib Saleem, Rhea Chakraborty, Prabal Punjabi and Ravi Kishan

Director: Ashima Chibber

What’s Good: comic elements, dialogues, the sudden break-into-YashRaj-films modes, performances of Prabal Punjabi, Saqib and Ram in the given order!

What’s Bad: The abrupt climax and the emotional flavor towards the end. Few loose ends in the plot.

Loo break: If you had too much of cold drinks then Yes! otherwise No.

Watch or Not?: Its always good to watch and having Yash Raj brand for a comedy movie we categorize this movie as a One Time Watch. If you are cricket fan than we recommend enjoy India’s batting this weekend(Sikhar Dhawan’s brilliant kncok) rather than watching the movie.

Sameer Khullar (Saqib Saleem) the useless side of  Khullar family is nothing but a no-sense useless guy, tired by the daily miseries caused by his khadus dad, Tej (Ram Kapoor)! Tej, the DAD, is kanjoos and loves getting things FREE! But there is one wish he needs to fulfill: a Maruti car that he wants to vidaa his soon-to-be-wed-daughter in! The Punjabi wedding, which serves as the perfect backdrop of the perky and crazily dysfunctional family, results in a course of mayhem when Sameer, the ullu da pattha, ponders on a dream date with The Chandigarh di Shakira aka Jazleen and ends up losing his Dad ki Maruti. What follows then is a fight to the finish battle between Sameer’s idiocrasy and intelligence to get back his Dad’s Maruti back on time!

Landing up in a No-Man’s Land, Sameer Khullar, does almost everything: from churaofying someone else’s’ Maruti to taking help from the local goons with a fierce Ravi Kishan pounding his paws upon the happy go lucky Khullar lad. With his BFAM (Brother from another Mother, silly!) Gattu (Prabal Punjabi) and his ladylove Jazzleen by his side, Sameer embarks on his journey from the insane to the insaan. Will Sameer be able to find his Dad’s lost car? Will Sameer and Tej put an end to their volatile baap v/s beta relationship?

Playing the temperamental and always screaming Punjabi dad with aplomb and panache, Ram Kapoor definitely deserves a lot more, given his excellent ability to emote. The switch-over towards the climax is simply breathtaking.

Saqib Saleem as Sameer Khullar adds to the perfect mix of dumbness and wit and is a sure winner. Rhea Chakraborty, effortlessly plays the dumb and self obsessed bimbette Jasleen with the much needed doltishness which is just on the levels of getting irritating, but she stops at the right juncture. Nevertheless, Rhea in her neon salwar suits, lehngas and the infamous short tees and hot pants tries to do an Anushka Sharma, sans the immense acting consort that our Akira is profound of.

Coming to the supporting cast which balances this mad cap family caper oh-so-brilliantly, it is Prabal Punjabi and his terrific timing that keeps you on the edge of your seats, LOL-ing around! He sure gets the best lines and the chemistry between the two brothers seem to shade out the dull chemistry between the lead pair. Ravi Kishan as the no-nonsense goon is okayish.

Jolly LLB Movie review


Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two and half star)

Star cast: Arshad Warsi, Amrita Rao, Boman Irani, Saurabh Shukla

Director: Subhash Kapoor

What’s Good: Court Drama where at last the truth wins over lies!!

What’s Bad: Everyone must have thought its a comedy movie but its not!

Loo break: A couple where the songs doesn’t fit the plot

Watch or Not?: Jolly LLB is a humor movie where you can find good court room drama scenes backed up by excellent Boman Irani style attitude fitting his character. We categorize this movie as One time Watch.

Paisa Wasool? :- No. We found Sikhar Dhiwan hitting 185 on his debut more entertaining than Jolly LLB 🙂

Jolly LLB Review

Young lawyer Jagdish Tyagi AKA Jolly is frustrated with his legal career going nowhere. He leaves Meerut and moves to Delhi in search of thriving opportunities and convert himself a supreme lawyer. Easy popularity comes knocking on his door when he tries to en-cash some residual fame off a Land Cruiser hit-and-run case  by filing a PIL.

Fighting against the very best lawyer Rajpal(Boman Irani), who easily scores over Jolly by virtue of his obvious position, stature he has attained in his profession and experience, this fight isn’t an easy one for Jolly.

Jolly suddenly finds himself down from every side with manipulations and threats coming his way. Truth demands strength! So can Jolly uncover the intricacies of the case, and fight the likes of such powerful men? What unfolds is a fascinating legal drama, harsh face offs and a strong ending.

Do you wonder what Amrita Rao is doing in this story? well we feel as she grows older by her age she is loosing good roles in industry. Amrita plays girl friend of Jolly. Their love story starts from Meerut where she is Jolly’s girl friend who is confident that Jolly will success in his mission to Delhi. Through out the movie she supports Jolly in his journey towards a successful Lawyer.

It is a sheer delight to watch Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi against each other. They simply carry forward the film, most effortlessly. Arshad exhibits many shades of humor, nervousness as well as confidence and frustration immensely well

Boman Irani will somehow manage to strike you more. He is classily manipulative, shows arrogance in the most stellar way and even when his character is most shaky given the circumstances, this man brings alive on screen most flawlessly the psyche of a towering legal giant.

The judge who-knows-it-all, Saurabh Shukla plays his part naturally, with so much ease. It is the perfect choice of actors, which makes this film strong!

Best Scene from the Movie-

Police constable auctions postings. Where SHO posting is auctioned by a constable in front of all candidates.